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Please enter your username and password for ft-cunyyorkcollege-120 below:

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Welcome to WeBWorK!

Your username is gotten by taking your first initial, together with the first (at most) 6 letters of your last name (ignoring all punctuation). Some examples:

  • Steve Dalton has a username of sdalton;
  • Jake Sharambouro has a username of jsharam;
  • Tiffany Amber-Thiessen has a username of tambert;
  • Shane D'mel Arkou has a username of sdmelar;
  • James Walsh has a username of jwalsh.

Your initial password is listed under the My Grades tab in Blackboard: it is the last entry, titled Password, and is a 3-digit number. You should change this password when you first log in.

Log in and remember to change your password once you have done so. For the first assignment, do not log in as a guest user or using a friend's account. If you do, you will not receive credit for doing the assignment!

Site Information

Welcome to WeBWorK hosted by the Mathematical Association of America.

Students: If you've forgotten your password, please contact your instructor.

Professors: For hosting-related information and technical assistance, please visit . For further inquiries, please contact .

WeBWorK has been upgraded to version 2.13 on this server. If you notice any errors or require assistance, please post on the forums for community assistance, or e-mail See the release notes for more info.